Maisey Mae

Maisey Mae was born July 27, 2020 in Minnesota and is currently living in Sacramento, CA. The breed name is a bit of a mouth full “Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever”, NSDTR or Toller for short and is the AKC smallest retriever. At a whopping 37 lbs and 19.5 inches tall Maisey is a little athlete known for her mountain biking, skiing, paddle boarding, and running skills. Trained by Terra Colson, owner “Wholistic Canine”, Sacramento based behavior training specialist. While her taste for adventure keeps her busy you can also find her chilling by the pool or cooling off over an a/c vent. Most recent work includes the short film “My Perfect Shot and Orbea”; music video “Blind Missiles, Luke Sital Singh”; and multiple photo shoot for companies such as RexSpecs, K9 Sport Sack, Amazon, and many others. If you see her out and about don’t hesitate to say hello as she is a fan of her fans. In 2022 Maisey Mae appears in the Short Film “Mickey’s Tree”, as the Co-Star rescue dog “Mickey”.