Cadien Creative

Mickey’s Tree

Mickey’s Tree came about out of experiences I had with my first rescue dog named Mickey. He arrived at the beginning of a challenging time I was facing in my life. We began taking walks every day in a forest area near our house. We also both really began to enjoy these walks as they were not only an escape and time away from life’s daily grinds for me but also time we spent bonding together. 

It was on one of those walks where we discovered a mysterious tree that we were both immediately drawn to. Most of the roots of this tree were not embedded in dirt and were exposed and hanging over the side of a cliff. I was amazed at how this tree could survive like this and Mickey and I began to hang out there. I think there was a spiritual “kindred spirit” connection all three of us (yes, the tree, too) felt with each other –like we were all survivors. We named that tree Mickey’s Tree—the Title of the movie.

As my relationship with Mickey continued to grow, my outlook and attitude about life began to change dramatically—all for the better. Even though I rescued Mickey, it began to feel much more like he rescued me. I felt like the impact that Mickey was having on my life might be a very universal phenomenon—that possibly millions of other pet owners might feel the same way after they adopted a rescue animal. So it was that insight that became the basis behind the story of Mickey’s Tree

The story follows 18-year-old high schooler, Mario, who is not only recovering from the recent tragic loss of his father but also from his own parallel personal tragedy. The story is told through various vignettes including not only adventures with his new best friend, a

rescue dog named Mickey, and a “wise-mysterious” girl he meets in the forest but also through his inner journey as he moves through various types of therapy sessions, dashes of art/music, family support, and a sprinkle of magical realism. Now, after beginning to make headway in his recovery and starting to open to love again, Mario must face a new potential life-threatening challenge.

With an incredibly energetic cast and crew, including an exceptional full emotional range performance by the debut of lead Mario (Deniro Gomez), Mickey’s Tree peeks into that deeper, often wounded inner part of us and shows how various recovery paths can help us heal. I wanted to show how working through some of the tougher issues we face in our life can open the door to another wonderful side—love, creativity, joy, etc…

With many gorgeous scenes shot along the American River and surrounding forest parkway in Sacramento and a beautiful original musical score, Mickey’s Tree takes you on a breathtaking journey. A Soundtrack I personally wrote and composed will be available soon.

At the end of the day, Mickey’s Tree is a love story to us and from us—a multi-dimensional love story.